More than just membership


Hand / Thrown is an active community of hands-on makers, friends, and artists. Our members are the backbone of who we are and play an integral part of what we will become. By supporting other artists in creating and sharing their work, we’re able to offer a platform for shared knowledge and support within our walls and beyond.


Mutual Benefits

Members help us, as much as Hand / Thrown helps them. Through assisting with programing, teaching classes, and loading kilns, our members learn the ropes of studio life and play an integral part in the success of Hand / Thrown. Without their help, pop-ups, markets and open hours wouldn’t be possible.

All members have unlimited 24/7 access to the studio. This includes access to its work tables, kiln, sinks and everything in between. Members are welcome to make each space their own... bring a wheel, a table, store works-in-progress or create your own show room. We're keeping it simple so you can make it yours.



Full Time Members

Monthly Cost

Membership costs are $275/month. This includes water, electric, garbage removal, internet, security, and access to all amenities with daily maintenance provided by yours truly.

Member Kiln Cost

We’ll have a kiln available for $30 per firing. This is splittable among members, or can be used alone. All members will be responsible for loading and unloading their own work.



Current Members